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Do you want the best body you can have-WITHOUT the hard work?

Find out how you can drop a dress size in 10 days and conquer the 3 key points that are preventing you from losing weight and keeping it off, PLUS look and feel fabulous this summer!



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Are you one of the millions of people who are constantly struggling with their weight month after month, year after year?

You’ve tried EVERYTHING and just CANNOT seem to shift your extra weight no matter what? Even if you do … the weight always comes back and sometimes doubles?

Are you feeling embarrassed, self conscious, awkward in your own skin, and lacking in energy?

If the answer is yes to one or more of the statements above you’ll want to check out what’s below for sure!


The solution

It’s a little- known fact that there are 3 simple key principles which are absolutely vital in losing weight and keeping it off that NO-ONE knows about!

This 10 day program is a series of recordings which covers, improves and enables you to make changes in your unconscious mind and lead you step-by-step to make incredible changes!

Hypnosis tracks work on deep subconscious level, so when in a state of deep relaxation the mind is more susceptible to absorbing messages, resulting in critical change that is needed to succeed in losing weight.


Why I, Tom Fortes Mayer, can HELP YOU to lose weight.

“I have been helping people lose weight fast and keep it off forever for over 12 years now, I have had the amazing privilege to work with thousands of individuals who want to run their lives around by learning how to deal with difficult emotions more effectively.

In that time I realised that the best way to truly serve people was to teach them the principles and techniques involved in feeling differently so they could do it for themselves.

All too often we can get caught up in believing that we are actually against ourselves.

FreeMind as a company is dedicated to helping people improve their relationship with themselves so that they can enjoy looking after themselves so they very rapidly start to look and feel amazing.

At FreeMind we believe that everyone deserves to live and love their life to the full.

Everything we create is designed for that purpose.”

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What Myleene Klass, British singer, musician, media personality and model is saying about Tom:

“Tom Fortes Mayer is the man who changed my life. After my experience of the FreeMind System I felt amazing, totally unstoppable. I really believe that it could change the world”  – Myleene Klass



What Lauren Leverne, British radio DJ, television presenter, author and singer says:

I would describe Tom as fascinating, massively positive and really different to anyone else in this industry”Lauren Leverne



What Christopher says…

About Tom:

“Tom has radically changed and improved the lives of many people, including myself and A- List celebrities to overcome a huge variety of challenges and most importantly has helped to improve their relationship with themselves. Using Tom’s therapy tracks has had amazing effects and permanent change in all aspects of his client’s lives.

About FreeMind:

“These FreeMind recording are simply hands down the very best programs I have had the pleasure to use. From the moment I heard them my life has been transformed. I have personally paid Tom over £5,000 in the last 12 months for the benefits of his programs, and it’s been worth every single penny!”



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What Dr David Morris MBChB MRCP (UK) General Practitioner says:

“This is an astonishing powerful tool. I have seen patients with long-term issue’s, who have previously explored traditional therapies without much success, be totally transformed by Freemind”

A staggering 83.5% of people that used our system say it has

‘Changed their life for the better’!!!


*Source- University Of Birmingham Research

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 - Lose a dress size in 10 days 

Gets right down to the root cause of your behaviour towards food and results in enabling you to get in touch with your inner self so that you can finally start to look and feel way that you really deserve.

With a combination of  a realistic diet and exercise plan, and most importantly, the hypnosis tracks that enable you to delve deep into your unconscious and break through any personal barriers that are preventing you from sticking to your goals, and losing weight, not just for beach season, but FOREVER.

This program works with the 3 Key Principles that are imperative in you losing weight fast and keeping it off permanently.

  • What lengths would you go to, to save that person’s life?
  • What lengths will you go to, to save your own life?
  • What would it cost you to spend 10 years not changing

Without realizing that it, it is these key values and your understanding of how to engage your unconscious that makes all of the difference.

People spend an absolute fortune on feeling good weather it is on a £1,500 holiday, £5,000 on cosmetic surgery, £1,600 on weight loss coaching, a personal trainer for the year at £5,000, a new outfit that might cost £450 or even more.

Think about how much time, effort and money you waste on pointless weight loss products that just DON’T WORK?

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And like all our products…

We have our usual money back guarantee!!! Try the product fully for 10 day’s and if you don’t feel it’s worth every penny that you paid for, then we will refund all of your money, no questions asked with 21 days of purchase!